Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life as you know it has ceased to exist

Not for nothin....I have been told I say this little diddy...daily.
Trying to get back to ...me. Who I was before August 28th.
I am no longer anyone's daughter. Was I ever?
Since August 28, 2010 when I received a call from the hospital to tell me my father had died...life as a I knew it has drastically changed. Finality. All hope of peace lost...gone. Only I am left to pick up the pieces of my former self.
I have not been the same.
Life goes on...so I am constantly reminded.
A journey I am on that I had no desire to go.
Searching daily for scraps of truth in a lifetime of lies.
People try to say what they think will be helpful but none of them know.
How could they? I know they all mean well. but, this bizarre chapter of my life reads like the oddest fiction ever written.
I expect no one to understand it or "get it" as I am struggling myself.
No manual or how-to when your estranged father dies, your crazy mother omits you from the obituary and your heart is broken for so many reasons.

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